Burger King is removing 120 artificial ingredients from the menu

The journey began years ago as a long-term strategy to eliminate colors, flavors, and preservatives from grilled burgers, artisanal chicken, and other products. “We know our guests’ expectations are changing and they want to make decisions that they are comfortable with,” said Ellie Doty, CMO of Burger King North America, in a statement. By banning these 120 ingredients from our food, we offer our guests an easy option: delicious food with high-quality ingredients.

We are confident that our continued commitment to real food will not only provide diners with the food they want but will also set a standard for the entire industry. In February 2020, Burger King made headlines for Mold on Whopper Sandwich with an ad showing the removal of the video showing the number of days since the sandwich was made and then showing “The Beauty of Artificial Preservatives” on the Screen. , the brand announced that it has been removing man-made colors, flavors, and preservatives from Whopper sandwiches in all U.S. markets worldwide. For a limited time, Burger King put the Whopper in special packaging that showed the recipe with real ingredients.



To celebrate the abolition of 120 artificial ingredients, the chain Keep it Real Meals is launching a campaign in which celebrities choose foods that are “worthy of their real names”. For example, Grammy-winning artist Nelly created the Cornell Haynes Jr. menu, which serves the Whopper with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and ketchup along with french fries and a small sprite.

In addition, the Brazilian singer Anitta formulated the Larissa Machado Meal, and the social media personality Lil Huddy formed the Chase Hudson Meal. Keep it Real temporary meals will be available in participating restaurants across the country starting September 12th. Members of the recently launched Royal Perks Loyalty Program can purchase any of the meals for $ 6. Keep it Real Meal boxes also contain a QR code that customers can scan to unlock “fun and innovative ways to interact with the brand.”

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