Burger King just added a new burger to their $ 1 menu

It can be a great way to run your money on fast food restaurants and still leave happy. Next to the rodeo burger. The Rodeo Burger offers fried onion rings and hot, spicy BBQ sauce on a Whopper Jr. patty in a sesame bun.

The Rodeo Burger will replace the Bacon Cheeseburger on the Economy menu and is the first change to the $ 1-Your-Way menu since its debut in 2020. The $ 1-Your-Way menu now includes Rodeo Burgers, Jr Chicken Sandwich., French fries, and a 16-ounce drink. Rodeo Burgers on the $ 1 Your Way menu at participating locations across the country.

The best bargains on the Burger King menu right now include special fries prices, the original chicken sandwich, the Croissan’wich sandwiches and of course the Whopper. Prices range from $ 1 to $ 20, but as of late 2020, the chain is adding a few items to the new $ 1 menu based on your preferences.

Head to BK on Dec 28 for a cheeseburger and classic bacon, Jr. chicken sandwich, french fries, or an inexpensive lemonade for just $ 1 at a limited price The chain isn’t afraid to point out its competition, saying unlike others (tip: the dollar menu at McDonald’s), everything on this menu is strictly US $ 1. (Related: McDonald’s Makes These 8 Important Improvements.

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