Homemade Pasta Recipe

Let’s prepare some spaghetti at home! You can make it right now if you have flour, two eggs, a little olive oil, and salt. To produce excellent handmade pasta, you don’t need special Italian pasta flours, and it’s okay if you don’t have a pasta maker. Using a simple rolling pin and your hands, you can produce pasta. I frequently make pasta at home, and this is now my go-to “everyday” recipe. It produces a wonderful, adaptable dough that you can roll out and shape into different types of noodles.

This page contains my basic pasta dough and process. The fundamentals. Aside from that, I’m going to give you a good earful. I’ll go over some variations and considerations further down. I’ll also include step-by-step photos of the pasta dough-making process. You can make it by hand, stand maker, or pasta maker. Homemade pasta recipe is one of my absolute favourite things to make, and I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned about it over the years into this single post, complete with links to my favourite resources. This is an ongoing journey for me, so I’ll keep you updated. Have fun and happy pasta making!

How to Make Eggless Pasta

I’m sure many of you will want to know how to make eggless pasta or vegan pasta dough. No worries. I make a dough similar to this for one of my favourite pasta shapes, pici. Essentially, you cut 1/4-inch strips of dough and roll them out by hand. Eggless doughs like this are typically used for shapes like pici, cavatelli, trofie, and orecchiette rather than pasta noodles like the others we’re focusing on today. To make eggless pasta dough, follow these steps: 200g “00” flour, 200g semolina flour, 200g warm water, and 1 teaspoon fine grain sea salt are combined. Use these ingredients and follow the “How to Make Pasta By Hand” instructions in the book.

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