Homemade Pasta Recipe

Let’s prepare some spaghetti at home! You can make it right now if you have flour, two eggs, a little olive oil, and salt. To produce excellent handmade pasta, you don’t need special Italian pasta flours, and it’s okay if you don’t have a pasta maker. Using a simple rolling pin and your hands, you can produce pasta. I frequently make pasta at home, and this is now my go-to “everyday” recipe. It produces a wonderful, adaptable dough that you can roll out and shape into different types of noodles.

This page contains my basic pasta dough and process. The fundamentals. Aside from that, I’m going to give you a good earful. I’ll go over some variations and considerations further down. I’ll also include step-by-step photos of the pasta dough-making process. You can make it by hand, stand maker, or pasta maker. Homemade pasta recipe is one of my absolute favourite things to make, and I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned about it over the years into this single post, complete with links to my favourite resources. This is an ongoing journey for me, so I’ll keep you updated. Have fun and happy pasta making!

How to Make Eggless Pasta

I’m sure many of you will want to know how to make eggless pasta or vegan pasta dough. No worries. I make a dough similar to this for one of my favourite pasta shapes, pici. Essentially, you cut 1/4-inch strips of dough and roll them out by hand. Eggless doughs like this are typically used for shapes like pici, cavatelli, trofie, and orecchiette rather than pasta noodles like the others we’re focusing on today. To make eggless pasta dough, follow these steps: 200g “00” flour, 200g semolina flour, 200g warm water, and 1 teaspoon fine grain sea salt are combined. Use these ingredients and follow the “How to Make Pasta By Hand” instructions in the book.

Best french fry

About French Fry.

In order to achieve this terseness, the face structure of a shindig must be riddled withmicro-bubbles. It’s these bitsy crisp bubbles that increase the face area of the shindig, making it redundant brickle immaculately, this subcaste should only be as thick as it needs to be to add terseness. Any thicker, and you start running into tough home.

Fries that are too dark or are spotty have an off putting burnt flavor that distracts from the potato. Light golden but perfectly crisp is how I want my fries to be.

Like all shops and creatures, potatoes are composed of cells. These cells are held together by pectin, a form of sugar that acts as a type of cement. These cells also contain bounce grains bitsy sacs that act water balloons, as well as simple sugars. When these bounce grains are exposed to water and heat, they begin to swell, ultimately bursting, and releasing a shower of blown bounce motes. Now the problem is, in order to get the ideal crust, all three of these rudiments must be in the proper balance, and the proper state. Too numerous simple sugars, and your potato will brown long before it crisps. However, your potatoes will either fail to form a crust, will fall piecemeal before it gets a chance to, If pectin has broken down too much before the bounce grains have had a chance to burst and release their sticky innards.

French Fry recipe


  • 1 large russet potato, cut into evenly sized strips
  • 2 cups vegetable oil for frying, or as needed
  • salt to taste


Soak potato strips in a large coliseum of water for about 30 twinkles. Pat with paper apkins until completely dry.


Heat OilPainting in a deep- range or large saucepan to 275 degrees F( 135 degrees C). Gently add potatoes to the hot oil painting and shindig for about 5 twinkles, stirring and flipping the potatoes sometimes. Use a slotted ladle to transfer potatoes to a paper kerchief- lined plate. Let cool fully.


Heat OilPainting again, but this time to 350 degrees F( 175 degrees C). Add potatoes and fry a alternate time until golden brown, 5 to 6 twinkles.


Remove from the deep- range and spot with a paper kerchief. Sprinkle with swab to serve.

Enjoy your crispy French Fry😉.

Best American Cheeseburger recipe

Without representing any grievances about the state of ground beef, the key to a perfect cheeseburger comes straight from the botcher. We got ours courtesy of Dickson’s Farmstand Flesh, and boy was it beautiful to behold. Neither muddy nor pink, this natural, humanely raised and yet not lawn- fed coarsely ground chuck was a fresh, bright lustrous red, and an absolute pleasure to handle. Or perhaps Jess just really loves raw meat, as demonstrated in our forthcoming “ How to Shape Burger galettes. ”

The All- American Cheeseburger has certainnon-negotiable rudiments American rubbish is one of them. Rather than unwrap individual mates, get sliced rubbish from your nearest deli counter — it tastes better and melts slower and further unevenly. Dill fix chips, sliced red onion and tomato, crisp lettuce leaves, ketchup and mayo are also involved. You can mix indeed the two seasonings together along with some diced pickles for Thousand Island dressing, a burger fave, and it ’ll still be an each- American Cheeseburger worth Instagramming.


  • pounds freshly ground chuck, (at least 80% lean, a.k.a. 80/20)
  • tablespoon onion powder
  • teaspoon salt
  • teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 12 slices deli-counter American cheese
  • large burger buns, preferably homemade, toasted if desired
In a large coliseum, blend ground beef, onion greasepaint, swab and pepper until just combined. Don’t overmix, or your galettes will be tough.
Divide into six portions and form galettes, without pressing too hard. They should be invariant in consistence. Smooth out any cracks using your fritters. Make these right before you caff
them, so they stay at room temperature.
Preheat your caff visage or cast- iron skillet to high heat and add burgerpatties. However, cover with the lid, If using a grill cover with lid. Cook until the crust that forms on the bottom of the burger releases it from the visage or grate — about 2 twinkles. Gently test, but do not flip it until it gets to this point. When burgers lift up fluently, flip, add two slices of rubbish to each, close lid if using a caff and cook on the other side for another 2- 3 twinkles for medium to medium rare.



BEST Homemade Pizza recipe

BEST Homemade Pizza recipe

This is the BEST homemade pizza recipe. You’ll be craving this pizza weekly! Learn my tips and tricks, and you’ll be baking pizza like a pro in no time! Preparing this perfect homemade pizza recipe is inexpensive and in my opinion the taste and quality of the ingredients are better than buying a pizza from a chain pizzeria. This recipe costs about $7.22, makes two 14 inch cakes and serves 6 to 8 people. That’s only $1.20 a serving! Nothing beats pizza night. For more fun pizza options, try this Strawberry Balsamic Bacon Pizza, this Dessert Fruit Pizza!

I’ve been trying to make the perfect homemade pizza for years! I’ve been playing with the recipe for a while. Today I bring you Pepperoni Pizza Perfection! Yesterday I posted my favourite pizza dough recipe. with the methods, tips and tricks that I have learned over the years of preparation. Last week I posted my copycat pizza place pizza sauce recipe, and today I’m bringing it all together with this homemade pizza recipe!

First prepare the recipe for the pizza dough. Place a pizza stone in the oven and preheat the oven to 500 degrees for 30 minutes. Next, place parchment paper on the pizza peel and sprinkle cornmeal on top. Peel the pizza, press the dough into a 14-inch circle, and brush the outer edge of the dough with olive oil.

Place two paper towels on a microwave-safe plate, spread the pepperoni evenly on the plate, and cover with two more paper towels. Kitchen towels for 30 seconds.Use the top paper towels to soak up any excess fat and set aside. Now spread the pizza sauce on the pizza dough. Then sprinkle parmesan over the dough, followed by mozzarella and pepperoni slices. Finally push the pizza onto the preheated pizza stone with the pizza peel. Bake for 8-12 minutes.Let the pizza rest for 5 minutes before slicing and serving. Repeat with the dough and remaining ingredients.

A Whopper of a Mistake – Burger King’s $8 Million Error

What went wrong? Whoppers cost the Carrols Restaurant Group $8 million in sales.

Carrols Restaurant Group is one of the largest Burger King franchisees in the country. It operates more than 1,000 branches out of a total of around 7,500 Burger King branches. an important way. What happened? This is how it happened:Burger King ran a promotion offering discounts on Whopper and Whopper Jr. sandwiches. Most locations offered 2 Whopper Jr. for $4, 2 Whopper for $5, and 2 Double Whopper for $6. When customers asked for any of these offerings, the cashier would try to sell them and see if they’d like to add fries or a drink to their meal.

When a customer bought fries and a drink, an additional “Whopper Combo Meal” discount was added alongside the previous Whopper promotion. food.This combination of discounts resulted in an extremely low price for groceries, which severely impacted the profitability of Carrols Restaurant Group.

Because two different promotional discounts were combined when they shouldn’t have been, Carrols Restaurant Group lost money. A lot of money. After accounting for interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA), the company’s earnings declined by $7.3 million.

In the quarter in which this incident occurred, Carrols Restaurant Group reported a net loss of $6.8 million (15 cents a share) compared to a net income of $3.6 million in the same quarter last year. The bug was first discovered in late August. Carrols found his store’s sales increased by just 4%.5%, which was below Burger King’s overall comparable growth of 5%.

Carrols typically outpaces the growth of other Burger King franchisees, so they did their research. The problem was discovered in late August and the bug started in early June when the Whopper discount campaign was first launched. It was quickly fixed, but the damage was already done. In total, nearly $8 million in profits were lost as a result of this “double discount” on the Burger King Whopper sandwich.

Burger King Crown Gift Card

The BK Crown Card is an extraordinary manner to praise personnel and clients. With this BK Gift Card, you need to gift this to the cashier at a Participating Restaurant at the time of buy and the cards to be had stability may be carried out towards your legal buy. Here is how you may Check Burger King Gift Card Balance Online.

This Crown present card is legitimate for eating places positioned withinside the 50 United States and Guam and it can not be shipped to locations out of doors in those states. BK Gift Cards may be used as private or enterprise gifts.

This card cannot be utilized in reference to any marketing, marketing, and marketing or different promotional sports which includes Internet advertisements, email, telemarketing, direct mail, newspaper, and mag advertisements.


How to register For BURGER KING Crown Gift Card?

In order to sign in on your BK Crown Card first, you ought to create an internet account at the Website. Access to the Website is acquired at www.burgerking.com. Once an account is created, the patron is registered for the BK Crown Card.

Once you get registered for BK Crown Card, then your stability is transferable to any other card. Also, while you sign in your BK Crown Card you may be capable of getting hold of amazing gives and Kingly perks.



Burger King Job Openings

How to get a burger king job?

  • Go to the burger king website.
  • Navigate to the career option(It is located down the website).

  • Click on Opportunities below Careers- You land on the process possibilities page.

Here, you may see the variety of in-eating place jobs Burger King appears for maximum times. Tap on every possibility to realize the only that works for you, its responsibilities, qualifications, and skills. Now, scroll to the lowest of the Opportunities web page and click on the Find a Restaurant and Apply button.

  • Lastly, navigate to a prospected job and the location that works for you and apply.

Eligibility of Burger King jobs

Burger King has 4 main process roles for you if you want to paintings in-restaurant. The posts are specifically a Team Member, an Hourly Shift Coordinator, an Assistant Manager, and a Restaurant General Manager.

These are human beings Burger King is typically searching for. For starters, to paintings at Burger King, you want to be age sixteen years and above. However, this relies upon the function you play inside the restaurant.

Sixteen years is the minimum age for a Team Member. For 3 of the opposite roles listed, you need to be 18 years and above. But this isn’t all this is required. Each of those jobs has its process descriptions and qualifications, that you should meet. The popular necessities are as follows.

You ought to be resilient. Here, you ought to be capable of paintings in a completely rapid environment. Also, be capable of paintings for longer hours, weekends, and holidays. Have great visitor provider abilities.

You will address humans all of the time from clients to visitors at your restaurants. Therefore, you ought to have appealing human abilities to have interaction with humans greater correctly and professionally. Good management abilities. If now no longer a crew leader, any of the opposite 3 roles, you may be in fee of humans and teams.

Your cap potential to oversee the ones below you is essential. Burger King will need to recognize whether or not you’ve got got a few enjoy in dealing with humans. Possess great control abilities. The 3 pinnacle roles require which you have great control abilities, specifically operations, humans, and accounting.

Burger King gives you the hazard to paintings with them at any in their locations. Go to the respective websites in distinctive countries, then visit their careers page. Find a process becoming your competencies and description, practice for it, and await Burger King’s comments. Hopefully, you get suitable comments and begin running immediately.

Burger King is removing 120 artificial ingredients from the menu

The journey began years ago as a long-term strategy to eliminate colors, flavors, and preservatives from grilled burgers, artisanal chicken, and other products. “We know our guests’ expectations are changing and they want to make decisions that they are comfortable with,” said Ellie Doty, CMO of Burger King North America, in a statement. By banning these 120 ingredients from our food, we offer our guests an easy option: delicious food with high-quality ingredients.

We are confident that our continued commitment to real food will not only provide diners with the food they want but will also set a standard for the entire industry. In February 2020, Burger King made headlines for Mold on Whopper Sandwich with an ad showing the removal of the video showing the number of days since the sandwich was made and then showing “The Beauty of Artificial Preservatives” on the Screen. , the brand announced that it has been removing man-made colors, flavors, and preservatives from Whopper sandwiches in all U.S. markets worldwide. For a limited time, Burger King put the Whopper in special packaging that showed the recipe with real ingredients.



To celebrate the abolition of 120 artificial ingredients, the chain Keep it Real Meals is launching a campaign in which celebrities choose foods that are “worthy of their real names”. For example, Grammy-winning artist Nelly created the Cornell Haynes Jr. menu, which serves the Whopper with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and ketchup along with french fries and a small sprite.

In addition, the Brazilian singer Anitta formulated the Larissa Machado Meal, and the social media personality Lil Huddy formed the Chase Hudson Meal. Keep it Real temporary meals will be available in participating restaurants across the country starting September 12th. Members of the recently launched Royal Perks Loyalty Program can purchase any of the meals for $ 6. Keep it Real Meal boxes also contain a QR code that customers can scan to unlock “fun and innovative ways to interact with the brand.”

Burger King just added a new burger to their $ 1 menu

It can be a great way to run your money on fast food restaurants and still leave happy. Next to the rodeo burger. The Rodeo Burger offers fried onion rings and hot, spicy BBQ sauce on a Whopper Jr. patty in a sesame bun.

The Rodeo Burger will replace the Bacon Cheeseburger on the Economy menu and is the first change to the $ 1-Your-Way menu since its debut in 2020. The $ 1-Your-Way menu now includes Rodeo Burgers, Jr Chicken Sandwich., French fries, and a 16-ounce drink. Rodeo Burgers on the $ 1 Your Way menu at participating locations across the country.

The best bargains on the Burger King menu right now include special fries prices, the original chicken sandwich, the Croissan’wich sandwiches and of course the Whopper. Prices range from $ 1 to $ 20, but as of late 2020, the chain is adding a few items to the new $ 1 menu based on your preferences.

Head to BK on Dec 28 for a cheeseburger and classic bacon, Jr. chicken sandwich, french fries, or an inexpensive lemonade for just $ 1 at a limited price The chain isn’t afraid to point out its competition, saying unlike others (tip: the dollar menu at McDonald’s), everything on this menu is strictly US $ 1. (Related: McDonald’s Makes These 8 Important Improvements.

FAQs of mybkexperience survey

Once you visit the official Burger King Survey website at www.mybkexperience.com you will find that the portal is very easy to use and understand. Going through the MyBKExperience survey process is effortless. The user is having difficulty completing the survey through this portal. However, it is understandable that some users have problems completing the survey and have questions about the survey. Additionally, some customers may also have complaints that they would like to report to the company. To help you clear all your doubts and answer all of your questions, Burger King has developed these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) so that a customer can solve their little problems on their own. If a user still has problems, they can always easily contact the MyBKExperience customer service, here are some frequently asked questions from BK customers:

  • What are the prizes of the survey?

At the quit of the survey, you’re supplied with a code via way of means of which you may avail of the rewards. You can get an unfastened Whopper Sandwich or an Original Chicken Sandwich with this code from the Burger King outlet.

  • What is the use of vouchers?

Using the voucher you can avail free foods from the burger king outlet, it is not redeemable as cash.

  • Is it necessary to avail of the benefits within 30 days?

Yes, to redeem the voucher you must visit the store within 30 days from the date of the first receipt, so it is advisable to take the survey within 48 hours of generating the receipt with a survey code.

  • Is customer service available at burger king?

Yes, it is reliable. If you have any problems with the services at the Burger King site, you can contact the company’s customer service. MyBKExperience customer support will go out of their way to solve your problems. , you can call the BK’s toll-free number 1866-394-2493.

You can visit any of their nearby outlets or mail them your issue to their postal address Burger King, 1737 McGee Street, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA.

  • How to locate their nearby store?

The official website of Burger King provides an easy way to locate the nearest store to you. You simply need to click on the “Locator” button, a feature provided by the company that uses your GPS to fetch you the details of your nearest outlet. You can also locate the same by entering the State and Zip Code. You will get information such as an address, contact number, opening hours, etc.