About burger king

Before you take part in the survey you should about-burgerking, here’s a quick and short wrap.

Burger King is an American multinational chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. Their headquarter is in Miami-Dade country, Flroida, the company was founded in 1953 as instant-Burger King, a Jacksonville, Flrorida-based restaurant chain.

They have more than 17000 outlets all over the world. The founders of Burger King are James McLamore, David Ederton, William R. Jarvis, James Duncan Rae.

The admins of Burger King generate a survey known as mybkexperience where the customers are allowed to answers some important questions about their experience at the shop. They usually ask questions about their employee behaviour, food quality etc. Customers who will complete survey will receive gift voucher. If they carry that coupon upon their next visit then they will get a free burger. Mybkexperience survey are not very time consuming and the questions are easy to answer.

The proper Burger King Survey reward is a whopper or original free chicken sandwich with the purchase of French fries and beverages at Burger King. The menu item that is offered as a reward varies with store, time and month also. We expect visitors to provide real feedback which can be beneficial for the company to further improve its quality and other experiences.

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